PanAm 11




News & Updates


10.04.2012: Latest update for Chile and Argentina is done !!! 

30.03.2012: Ushuaia, Patagonia, Carretera Austral and sooo many more things ... simply amazing!!

26.02.2012: The summer is over ... the winter is coming soon!

05.02.2012:  Bye bye Peru, Bienvenidos a Chile!

23.01.2012: Relaxing in Lima - Peru

01.01.2012:  Happy new Year from Ecuador

12.12.2011:  Finally our Homepage gets an update.

22.09.2011:  Bye bye Colombia, Bienvenidos a Ecuador!





Planning & Preparation

  • Mahlo Bau GmbH - Thanks again that we could use all the facilities and park our cabin to prepare and fix everything. 
  • We would like to thank Oliver for his time to fix the additional Air Suspension and all the extra electrical wiring in our car. At least now we have an idea about the electric in our cabin.

  • Since the German Car Insurance Companies are not covering South America we contacted a few specialized agencies and decided at the end to go for Nowag Insurance. Note: The Insurance for South America is not valid in Colombia.
  • Karl-Heinz Nowag, Platanenring 15b, 63110 Rodgau, Tel.: +49/6106/16960, Fax +49/6106/13520,

  • Wynen Gas - the Specialist if it comes to Gas equipment.


  • Manfred in Cartagena - The specialist if it comes to “How to get your Car out of the Port!”                                                          Tel.: (00571)-311-4006394, email:


Travelers which we met on the Road

We met much more interesting people during our trip which don’t have any Webpage or Blog, but they are enjoying their trip as best they can!!



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