PanAm 11




News & Updates


04.06.2012: From sunny Argentina to rainy Foz do Iguacu!! 

10.04.2012: Latest update for Chile and Argentina is done !!! 

30.03.2012: Ushuaia, Patagonia, Carretera Austral and sooo many more things ... simply amazing!!

26.02.2012: The summer is over ... the winter is coming soon!

05.02.2012:  Bye bye Peru, Bienvenidos a Chile!

23.01.2012: Relaxing in Lima - Peru

01.01.2012:  Happy new Year from Ecuador

12.12.2011:  Finally our Homepage gets an update.

22.09.2011:  Bye bye Colombia, Bienvenidos a Ecuador!



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Born and raised in beautiful but small Canary Islands it is not surprising that she has had the wanderlust from a young age and always dreamed of travelling the world. After living and working in various countries she found herself unexpectedly in Dubai, however the idea of taking a sabbatical to travel around South America never left her mind. She will be in charge of all PR and social-related issues and she is also trying to improve her GPS and map reading skills with little success so far.



Axel took his first trip abroad at the tender age of 18.  He went to Australia, grew his hair long, discovered another planet located on Earth, and felt the world outside Berlin needed to be conquered. After a long period travelling around and exploring many countries in various continents he decided to move to Dubai, initially for six months, but ended up staying for 10 years. During this trip he will be in charge of anything technical-related. Luckily he was born with a GPS chip in his brain but unfortunately it is not useful to find his way through Spanish grammar!


Our Car - Our Home!

When you are approaching your 40’s backpacking sounds good but let’s face it, having you our own means of transportation gives you far more freedom and easier access to the less travelled areas along your way. It was not easy to make up our minds as Axel’s dream since childhood was driving a Unimog Expedition Campervan. But somehow driving this big chunky (but roomy) truck was not very attractive to Yanira. After doing a fair amount of research and reviewing all pros and cons we decided to go for a Nissan Navara with a Nordstar Cabin on top. It took us a little while to find the right one but we are very happy with the result!

Technical Details:

Vehicle: Nissan Navara 

Year: 2008

Cabin: Nordstar Cabin

Year: 2004




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